(Transport policy for baby strollers)

  • The transport of strollers is free for children

  • Must be tagged at the check-in desk.

  • You should bring it with you to the boarding gate. Flight staff there will ensure it is placed in the hold of the plane.

  • Once at your destination, you can pick it up from the baggage reclaim area.


(Rates policy for infants and children)

Baby rate (under 2 years)

For only



Call center




Child rate (over 2 years)

Children’s rates are the same as those applicable to adult passengers. You can check all our rates here.


  • How old must my baby be to travel?

    Infants from 7 days to 23 months of age can travel on their mother’s or father’s lap. For security reasons, infants under 7 days cannot travel on board.

  • Can I carry liquids for my baby?

    If you are traveling with babies, you can carry baby milk or juice. Both are exempt from the rules on liquids.

  • Do babies have the right to their own baggage?

    Babies should share the baggage of the person responsible for carrying the baby with them. Every passenger with a seat and responsible for carrying a baby, they have the right to carry two pieces of hand luggage free of charge weighing up to 10 kg in total.

  • Can I fly with a stroller or a baby car seat?

    Yes, you can bring two baby equipment items at no additional charge: a baby carriage, an infant car seat or a fold-away cot. You can find additional info here.

  • Where are babies allowed to sit?

    Babies should travel on the lap of their mother/father. Volotea does not carry cribs on board.


  • 1-27 WEEKS

    Volotea will carry pregnant women until the 27th week of pregnancy (inclusive) without the need for them to bring a medical certificate

  • 28-35 WEEKS

    If travel takes place between
    the 28th and 35th weeks of pregnancy
    (inclusive), an original
    medical consent must be carried
    that confirms the woman's fitness to fly, states the period of validity of the document and includes the registration number and signature of the doctor

  • +36 WEEKS

    Women in their 36th week or more of pregnancy
    will not be permitted to fly.


French minors under 18 years of age must travel with: (i) passport or (ii) National ID (in the event that their destination countries do not require passports).

From January 15, for international flights and with a valid French ID Card for international travelers or valid French Passport, any unaccompanied minor or not accompanied by one of their parents must carry a travel permit. This document should be signed by both parents or legal guardians and be supported by a photocopy of a valid ID (or one that has been expired for less than 5 years) of said parents or legal guardians. For further information, contact the local French authority responsible.

The family register is not a valid identity document for French citizens who are minors. Therefore, minors are not permitted to fly on planes, even within continental France, without a National ID.

Italian minors under 14 years of age can only fly duly accompanied and with one of the following types of identification:

An individual Italian National ID (national flights), which should be valid "per l'spatrio (for expatriation)" for international flights.
An Italian passport (national and international flights).
For international flights and along with the individual Italian National ID valid for international flights or a valid Italian passport, any minor under the age of 14 not accompanied by their parents or legal guardians should carry a travel permit (Dichiarazione di Acompagno”) stating the identity of their escort, which should be validated by the corresponding Italian local authority (“Questura local”). For more information, please check with the corresponding local Italian authority.

Spanish minors under the age of 14 are exempted from proving their identity, for domestic flights in Spain where their identity is stated in the reservation. In such cases, the person who is traveling should duly identified and should take responsibility for the minors. In the event of reasonable doubt regarding the identity of these minors or of their companions, the following is requested:

If they travel with one of their parents, the family book.
If the person who accompanies the minor is not one of the parents or legal guardian, the minor should show a permit certified by a police department (by means of the appearance of the parents or legal guardian) in the name of the person who will be responsible for their custody during the trip, which will be corroborated with this person's National ID or passport.
For international flights (EU or Other Countries), all minors (whether accompanied or not and regardless of their age) should show their National ID or valid passport, depending on their destination. If they are traveling alone, they should also have a permit (certified by a police commissioner, Civil Guard post, the courts, a notary public, or a mayor). Additionally, they should all comply with the requirements for the country that they are traveling to.

Greek minors under 18 years of age who travel from Greece without their parents or legal guardians should bring with them: (i) a valid passport or (ii) a National ID issued by the government, together with a written permit signed by the parents or legal guardians. This permit should be certified by the Greek police.

In any event, they will be asked to prove their age. Therefore, they will have to present valid travel documents at the boarding gate.

Children between 14 and 18 who travel to or from Croatia without their parents or legal tutors should bring with them: (i) a valid passport or (ii) a National ID issued by the government, together with a written permit signed by the parents or legal guardians. This permit should be certified by a Croatian embassy or consulate or by local authorities. If not, an official sworn translation into Croatian will be required.


Download the template for the Volotea paper plane

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Download the First Flight Diploma template

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